Commercial Contracts/Contracting Negotiation


Call for Tenders
Preparation, analysis and processing of call for tenders, response to tenders and ensure that the relevant tendering laws, regulations and practices are fulfilled


Screening and Identification
Screening and identifying the most qualified and competitive suppliers, subcontractors / EPC Contractor. VERD Q.I. has very strong relationships with different international EPC Contractors and suppliers of materials for the construction of your renewable energy plants/infrastructure projects.


Risk Analysis   
Analyse the different risks for the development, construction and operation and maintenance of your projects.






Contract Negotiation

VERD Q.I. can assist you in negotiating terms and conditions of the contracts in order to optimize your pricing and obtain bankable contracts. We can help you with the drafting and negotiating of the EPC and O&M contracts (according to international standards like FIDIC Silver, or customized formats). Furthermore VERD Q.I. can also assist you with other contracts related to your renewable energy/infrastructure projects like PPAs, development agreements, supply agreements, etc.


Project Planning
Final planning of the project. Tracking and reporting of the project status and performance against budget and schedule


Co-ordinate Due Diligence for Financial Closing
Assistance with the analysis of the technical, legal and commercial due diligence and assist you in the process for financial closing.


Claim Management
Ensure fulfilment of all subcontractors’ and suppliers’ contractual obligations


Benefits of hiring VERD Q.I. 

Cost Reduction: VERD Q.I. is an expert in contract negotiations and therefore important costs reductions can be achieved. VERD Q.I. is very knowledgeable about market practice and can therefore assure that no contractor can take price advantage of investor’s lack of experience.
Quality and Liability control: Establishing good quality contracts give the investors the chance to pass off liability for certain project aspects to the contractor. The right split between risks to be taken by a contractor and those taken by the investor will be the key for the bankability of your projects.