On June 18, 2012, a new feed-in tariff was approved of 42 Yen/kWh for the generation of electricity from a solar plant in Japan. In April 2013, the FIT was reduced to 37.8 Yen/kWh.

Since Japan’s feed-in tariff was introduced, its solar photovoltaic generation capacity installed has amounted to 3.9 GW.


VERD Q.I. has been involved in the Japanese solar energy PV market as from the start and is in contact with different developers who are active in the promotion of different solar parks in Japan.

The different developers offer the possibilities to buy the solar projects in different stages. There exists the possibility to buy the permits only (shovel ready projects or projects under develpment), and/or to combine it with an EPC Contract or BOP contract. Also co-development agreements in order to start to develop greenfield are a possibility to be considered.


Please contact VERD Q.I. for more information on the projects.

Solar Power Japan