Feasibility Studies

Feasibility and Solar Yield Evaluation


We screen and evaluate solar site potential during the initial project life phase. We provide preliminary energy scans or in-depth site analyses.
Our long term international experience makes us one of the most reliable partners for yield evaluations and resource assessments worldwide.



Our complete feasibility studies in PV solar include:


  • Detailed study of technical potential for solar PV energy        Flood risk, meteorology, shadow risk

           Capacity study, electrical configuration

  • Site analysis for different technogies (silicon, thin film, etc.)

  • Simulations for optimized system design and yield calculations, selection of solar panels

  • Evaluation of the operational costs

To start to develop a solar project, a feasibility study needs to be conducted in order to evaluate the project technically and financially.

Thanks to our international project experience in PV solar, our in-depth analysis and our constructing experience we are able to assess the potential solar site, identify its risks and advise on the installation of the most efficient PV system.

Our methodology and modeling are based on a 15 years of experience working in the renewable energy sector.