Due Diligence and Project Management


VERD Q.I. is your preferred choice for risk assessment of your renewable energy projects, recognized by international stakeholders and with over 15 years of experience in wind and solar.


We provide risk assessments throughout the different phases of the projects and amplify our expertise with continuous feedback from the sector.



Due diligence  


VERD Q.I. focuses on risk identification and mitigation processes to avoid any future problems and to ensure the forecasted financial returns on solar PV assets.


Our independent due diligence services for solar PV projects include the following:


  • solar resource and long term yield calculation

  • selection of the PV technology

  • review of the contracts (EPC, O&M, etc) and construction process.






Project Management


VERD Q.I. can assist you to control your risk during the execution of your PV solar project,

We monitor the construction of the solar PV plants and inspect the compliance of the works through different inspections in order ensure the quality and make sure the PV solar projects are built according to plan.