VERD Q.I.’ CEO, Sabine Christiaens has just come back from a 3 weeks trip to Kenya to study the solar market. Together with its strategic partners, she has visited the different governmental energy departments in Kenya in order to study the solar potential in Kenya. Kenya has a big lack of electricity and the renewable energy market will definitely play an important role in improving the electricity offer.


During her staying she has visited different rural areas where electricity is still non-existent. “Improving the quality of life of these people by introducing solar initiatives is definitely one of the goals of VERD Q.I. At this moment smaller solar initiatives are already ongoing like eradicating kerosene lamps by introducing a market for high tech solar lamps. VERD Q.I. would like to take it now one step further and study if larger solar projects can be built in Kenya”.

July 21st 2013 : VERD Q.I. studies the solar market in Kenia