Some of VERD Q.I. clients


  • Akuo Energy

  • SICE

  • Scatec Solar

  • Concom

  • Old Mutual

  • Eneco - Ecostream

  • Oskomera

  • Standard Bank of South Africa

  • IPS Kenya

  • Voltiq

  • Norfund



Snorre Valdimarsson
General Counsel - Scatec Solar Group

“I have worked opposite of Sabine Christiaens in negotiating the EPC contracts and ancillary documents for a 75MW solar project in South Africa, in which she represented one of the financial investors in the project. Sabine Christiaens is extremely professional, diligent and has an extensive in depth knowledge of both the commercial, technical and legal side of turnkey contracts within solar. Can truly be recommended.” August 20th 2012

Joost Samsom Partner, Voltiq - Structuring Renewable Power 


I have worked with Sabine already for more than 10 years now. She joined the team when I was still leading Nuon's investments in Spain, and we spent countless hours together negotiating wind park EPC contracts with the likes of Vestas, Gamesa, Bonus (nowadays Siemens) etc, representing around 1,500 MW of wind energy in Spain. She always remains sharp and professional, and presents deep knowledge of the key drivers of wind and solar energy contracts. That's why nowadays she's also an Associate Director with Voltiq, the leading renewable energy structuring advisor. We look forward to continue working together for many years to come!

Dr. Bernd Wollwerth, Managing Director of KWA Eviva GmbH


"We've been delighted working with VERD Q.I. on the sales of a 10 MW PV project in Germany. They represent a great combination of market knowledge and a broad network of interested investors. Sabine Christiaens, CEO of VERD Q.I. is very professional, knowledgeable and she was very committed with the sales of this project. We would certainly recommend her to other parties for the purchase/sales of other renewable energy assets.”

Josep Padró Brunet, General Manager, Concom, S.A.

“When it comes to negotiating a contract, VERD Q.I. is the most accurate choice.We have worked with the founder Sabine Christiaens. She has an incredible knowledge of the sector, and can go deep into details without losing the general view. She is really agile, and when introducing changes and fixing new requirements, things become much easier with Sabine. In CONCOM we have really appreciated her knowledge. She is very professional and we highly recommend her.” August 14th, 2012

Peter Rossbach van Egmond, Director at Impax Asset

Management Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity “We like working with Sabine Christiaens. She understands the commercial and the technical issues in a good balance.” December 24, 2009

Steven Pleging, CEO Ecostream

“Sabine Christiaens and I have worked together on several projects and in this process I have clearly noticed that Sabine is a contract manager with a good sense for details and persistent in her work. She has been working with most of the teams in Ecostream and was and is well-respected for her knowledge of the contracting process, negotiation and language skills. And further she is a nice lady to work with. This is an opinion I have often heard from colleagues and business partners.” December 27, 2009

Dennis de Jong Head of International Account Management
Ecostream International B.V.

“Sabine Christiaens is a safe pair of hands when it comes to negotiating complex international contracts. She has the ability to translate the desired commercial results into the content of a contract. For her the contract and the contracting process in a means to achieve (in a pragmatic way) the commercial goals of the company. Even in case of business conflicts Sabine is able to maintain and further develop a good relationship with her clients/business partners.”

December 21, 2009 Henri van ‘t Hoff IM4U Investments BV (investor renewable energy)

Sabine has been involved in numerous legal due diligences of solar parks (operational and project rights) in Italy, France and Spain.She is very knowledgeable and her sectorial and contract management expertise is of a great value for investors.

Erik Rebel, CFO, Sunconnex B.V


We had the privilege of working with VERD Q.I. in different transactions during the course of several years. They helped us out with the contract management of several PV solar projects. We worked with Sabine Christiaens and she is an excellent contract negotiator, has a good knowledge about EPC contracts and the PV market. She is very professional and works towards maximal customer satisfaction. VERD Q.I. and Sabine Christiaens are a great asset to any company.